The Issue Energy is an integral part of our daily lives. While organisms get energy to move from food, non-living appliances such as phones, lights, cars etc.

get their energy from other renewable or non-renewable sources.

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In the past few decades, the issue of a potential “energy crisis” has arisen. Since people nowadays use such large amounts of fossil fuels, they will run out in the near future.

Out of the three fossil fuels, oil and gas are the most widely used.

It is predicted that, without taking into account the new reserves that could become accessible with the advancement of technology, oil and gas reserves on earth will run out in 40 and 70 years respectively Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuels Essay Evolution and Fossil Fuels Abstract In this research paper, I have discussed the theory of evolution. I have also .

This shortage of fossil fuels will cause a crisis because our society is extremely dependent on fossil fuels—85% of our energy comes from burning them. However, fossil fuels could be replaced by other energy sources, but many are skeptical about the feasibility of this.

The reasoning behind this belief is not a shortage of energy on Earth 6 Sep 2011 - Oil spills have devastated ecosystems and coal mining has stripped lands working on an essay right now! this helped so much!!! solar energy or wind or geothermal or hydroelectric power to get into an “argument” over..

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In addition to this, global energy usage has been increasing due to rapid population growth. Earth’s population has more than doubled in the past 50 years.

Also, the advancement of technology has led to its more widespread use in our daily lives, so a lot of energy is consumed that way.

Lastly, conflicts could restrict access to areas with plentiful reserves of fossil fuels This has led to the necessity of developing renewable energy forms to energy processes need to find ways to lower the costs of purchase for these energies .

The impending shortage of fossil fuels has lead people to consider using other sources of energy that could fully o. built, they are inexpensive to maintain (Gibilisco 208).

However, wind power is still limited in that it is still relatively expensive to build, despite reductions in cost due to technological advances.

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In addition to this, since most areas with sufficient winds to power wind farms are far from major cities, the electricity generated by them have to be transported a long way, which is expensive as well. In addition to this, the wind is intermittent so it cannot constantly generate electricity.

This intermittency makes wind energy less cost efficient 25 Jan 2013 - Consequently, because fossil fuels are not a renewable source of energy, Respectively, the world is in need of alternative sources of energy that Specify the requirements to EssayShark and get high-quality papers within .

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