Research application approval process for other schemesThe Faculty uses the following two-stage process when considering applications for research funding to be submitted through the Faculty.

Please note that any applications requiring Research Committee review should be submitted no later than a week in advance of any meeting 1 Jun 2002 - Appendix 1: Sample Research Proposals. All of the following research proposals are based on actual proposals submitted by ALM candidates. The original annotated bibliographies have been abridged in some cases to conserve space. Some notes on the main features of the first proposal, but relevant to .

Meetings take place in weeks three and six of each term.

Initial /outline applicationPostholders:The holders of Faculty posts are welcome to initiate conversations with the Research Director / Chair of the Faculty Board about potential applications We have designed this module to allow you to prepare either for their Masters dissertation or for application for a PhD, and in the process to gain experience in the construction of good research proposals. Starting with a vague initial idea about a possible project, you will be shown how progressively to refine that idea until .

This would be particularly welcome for any planned large bids.

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Other Applicants:All other applicants should submit initial / outline applications to Research Committee by emailing [email protected] . All applicants must secure a Faculty member mentor / sponsor before submitting initial / outline application.

Outline applications should include a summary of the proposed research along with an Initial Application Cover Sheet Research Proposal in Theology (THEM006). 15 credits. This module will to allow you to prepare either for your Masters dissertation or for application for a PhD. In doing this, you will gain experience in the construction of good research proposals. Starting with a vague initial idea about a possible project, you will be shown .

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In all cases, submission of an application to the funder will still be contingent on final Research Committee approval. Specific Calls:a) For high-volume Post-Doctoral Fellowship schemes (e.

British Academy / Leverhulme), expressions of interest from all applicants will be reviewed by Research Committee 15 Jan 2007 - This above title, it shows your thesis and how you hope to get there. It's not the best, but it's a start. B. TWO: LITERARY REVIEW. 1. Survey of Literature on your specific topic. This is the most important part of a research proposal; to actually do research. A student must have read most/all of these sources .

ERC or H2020 funding; multi-institutional or multi-department projects), applications where the PI is not a post-holder/their post will not outlast the project, or where evidence of selectivity is required by the funder (e Postgraduate research degrees in Law · Programmes · Supervision areas · Current projects · Scholarships · Applications · Research proposal · Community. As part of the application for admission onto our MJur, MPhil and PhD programmes, you must prepare a research proposal outlining your proposed area of study..

AHRC Leadership Fellows scheme): a short proposal should be submitted to Faculty Research Committee for consideration, or alternatively to form the basis for discussion between researcher, Research Director, HAF and optionally the Research Facilitator. The short proposal should consist of both the academic case and project management details relevant for running the proposed project.

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A near complete draft of the application, along with a complete budget (not necessarily final) should be submitted to the Research Facilitator, to be forwarded for Faculty review and Research Committee no later than four weeks prior to the external deadline.

The Research Director may seek confidential input from a colleague in the relevant field if appropriate 6 Aug 2013 - Theological Research Seminary: Presentation 6. A research proposal “is a document that outlines how you propose to undertake your research studies” (Mouton 2001:44). • The research Over-eagerness: in their haste to get on with the real work, students slap together a poorly conceived proposal..

Applications will then be taken to Research Committee for final approval.

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In all cases, any applications to be reviewed by Research Committe should be received no later than one week before the meeting. Outcome of reviewDepending on the Committee’s judgement, an application will a) be approved for submission, alongside any feedback and suggestions on the proposal the reviewers have, b) referred back to the applicant with comments that should be addressed before reconsideration by the Faculty, or c) approval may be withheld for the time-being, feedback on reasons will be provided to the applicant by the Research Director.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact the Head of Administration at [email protected] .