Buy Cheap Bullying Essay According to Espelage and Susan (38), bullying is defined as a deliberate aggressive behavior that is in form of verbal or physical harassment and it takes place due to imbalance of power. For instance, someone who is more aggressive and physically bigger can intimidate others who are physically smaller and unaggressive.

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The victims of bullying feel afraid, upset, anxious, ashamed, and embarrassed about attending school (Espelage and Susan 38). Bullying behavior is characteristically frequent and repeated such that intervention becomes indispensable.

Since bullying results in low self-esteem and depression, the victims tend to opt for committing suicide. The effects of bullying to victims are universal. Bullying behavior is responsible for emotional, health, and psychological problems.

These problems include depression, deep anxiety, vision problems, and stomach ulcers. For instance, an individual can suffer with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and reduced self-esteem (Smith, Debra and Ken Rigby 154).

The problems like reduced self-esteem result to suicidal thoughts 11 Apr 2017 - Essay on cyber bullying, writing guide for students, customessayorder.com..

It is therefore very important for pupils to understand these negative effects of bullying at school. Class lessons should include bullying so that pupils will become aware of its effects.

Students should be able to identify bullies and therefore avoid their companies, walk in groups of many people, and shout out for help whenever bullies approach them try to intimidate them (Beane 23). It has been found that bullying starts in the home. Loving and well balanced homes rarely create bullies.

Parents should be aware that they are responsible to bring up their children in the best way which can avoid the creation of bullies. Bullying is a serious problem that can even lead to suicide.

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Parents have the responsibility to teach their children to openly report the cases of being bullied so that the bullies can be identified and punished (Smith, Debra and Ken Rigby 153).

Teenagers or children should understand that being bullied is not their fault and therefore should not be afraid to report the bullying cases to the authority (Smith, Debra and Ken Rigby 151) Check out this Bullying essay paper. Buy exclusive Bullying essay cheap. Order Bullying essay from $12.99 per page..