Lab ProcedureStudents will work in small groups of about 3 students and complete an experiment during each lab meeting.

Procedures for each lab can be accessed via your Lab Schedule or in the Experiments section Business CommunicationThis curriculum, comprised of five individual courses, provides the tools and training to be able to communicate persuasively and critically in the workplace. These self-paced, online courses are designed for students looking to enhance their business writing and public speaking skills. Students may .

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Be considerate of students and lab staff by taking care of the equipment. Report all problems/breakages immediately! Don't try to fix something yourself.

You may not repair it correctly, which may result in taking data using broken or uncalibrated equipment Physics and Astronomy. How to Write a Formal Lab Report. A formal lab report is essentially a scaled-down version of a scientific paper, reporting on in reverse order, starting with the Conclusion and ending with the Abstract. The Lab Report. Outline file provides a handy template for this, and in what follows we will .

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Bring a scientific calculator and a notebook to each lab.

A lab write-up for each group is due at the end of the lab session Lab Start Dates. PHYS 150: September 7th. PHYS 102: September 8th. PHYS 050: September 11th. PHYS 151: September 11th. PHYS 051: September 13th. PHYS 101: September Report all problems/breakages immediately! Don't try to fix Students must complete each lab in order to pass the course. Absence from a .

It should be submitted electronically to your TA.

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Students will submit the pre-lab online through Canvas by midnight of two days before the lab (e. a Thursday lab would have pre-labs due Tuesday night).

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Failure to complete a pre-lab will cause an automatic “Needs Improvement” for the lab.

Students must complete each lab in order to pass the course A Guide to Writing Lab Reports in Astronomy. By Charli Sakari. This work is goals of lab are, and how the individual sections in the lab report contain objectives to help you with the overall goals. you a hands-on approach to material you already know, so that you can learn to use this material in different ways and in new..

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The following grading scheme will be used for each lab:Excellent (E), Passing (P), Needs Improvement (NI), Fail (F)If two NI grades are received, the third NI will turn into F. Successful completion of the lab includes handing in a pre-lab exercise for every lab.

The above grades will be based on the following aspects each lab write-up.

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Consult the Graphing Guide for guidelines on making graphs. QuestionsResults and ConclusionsMust include a summary of the data, graphs (clearly labeled) and conclusions.

Should also include a comparison of actual results with expected results and a discussion of sources of error with numerical estimatesNote: Points will NOT be deducted because of "bad data" (i. results that deviate from an expected data due to experimental error) as long as you provided a thorough examination of your error in the "Discussion, Sources of Error and Conclusions" section.