*95 positively reviewed Political Science lessons of the last 100 reviews. She has got everything you would wish for in a tutor.

I recommend her to everyone who straggles in Political Science,Review from Diana 10 months, 1 week ago Samantha seemed very knowledgeable in the subject of political science. She was very patient with me which I really liked because I was having a really hard time understanding the material and she kept explaining with great examples and she never rushed me.

she was super nice to me and she made me feel really comfortable in our tutoring session and she kept asking me if I had and questions, or if I needed clarification on something, and she was so happy to give me an example on something I was confused about and the best thing was she kept saying "i'm here to help" which made me feel more comfortable and relaxed because I was really stressed about my homework assignment. Overall she was an awesome tutor and I will be going back to her!Review from loveleenKnew what he was talking about in political science.

Review from A “What is Political Science?” in our tutors’ words: Political Science is the study of politics - ranging from local, state, and domestic politics, to global and international politics.

There are many different facets of political science, but they all share the need for keen observation and analysis of the world we live in.