Nov 2011 IT Department Manager role The key role of IT in a company is to ensure that the communication, manipulation and handling of company’s data are made simple, effective and reliable. This is because IT provides the infrastructural platform for data handling and manipulation process.

Some of the essential services provided by IT in a company includes; network management, provision of secure HTTP access in the web browser and ensuring network connection security.

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It is thus the job of the IT manager to ensure that the process runs smoothly and that everything works correctly. The IT manager heads the technical team that is responsible for equipment configuration and management.

Their tasks are usually divided according to their specialization.

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They therefore deal with routing and communication equipments such as routers, switches, cables and firewalls. Additionally this team is responsible for the network security and they thus work to ensure that both the hardware and the software of the company (usually firewall and firewall operating system) work according to the set standards and thus ensuring that unwanted data packets are blocked from entering the company’s servers (Whitman & Mattord, 2011).

The IT manager also works in collaboration with other IT support department to ensure that the company’s human resource is well served in terms of equipment functionality and quality.

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The IT manager is thus a crucial link and head of these different IT departments that contribute to the efficiency and security of the company’s critical data and information about its business (Stamp, 2006). Company’s servers usually keep information related to the sales, production, inventory and marketing, the information security and assurance department which is a central part of the IT infrastructure plays a critical in preserving the integrity of this information.

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Issues affecting Information Security and Assurance Department There are a number of issues that affect this department; they range from security concerns to the challenges that came with development of technology. With the development of technology, new technologies emerge with added challenges, for instance, wireless technology has emerged with standards and authentication standards such as WPAS2 PSK and SSID (McLeod & Schell, 2007).

These authentication platforms have continuously faced security threats from smart hackers.

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The security and integrity of the company’s data is always a major concern with the adaptation of these technologies such as SaaS where the services are shared via a web browser.

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Another challenge that usually faces assurance and information security department is the decision making process concerning the adaptation of which kind of technology.

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