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Update from Louise: I wrote this post about proofreading training several years ago.However, I'm confident the advice still stands.

While these days I work primarily for indie fiction authors who find me via organic search, I think publisher work is still incredibly valuable If a word is omitted, or double space is left between sentences, a proofreader should be able to catch it. An individual needs to be detailed-oriented as well so that he/she can scan the minor mistakes in the text. Therefore, it is important for a proofreader to be well observant and good with details in order to review effectively  .While these days I work primarily for indie fiction authors who find me via organic search, I think publisher work is still incredibly valuable.

How far will training get you in the editorial freelancing market? Publishers and editorial freelancers understand each other.We have the same expectations regarding the level of editing being undertaken (e.developmental, line/copy, proofreading), which saves both parties time.

Publishers are in a position to offer repeat work, thus taking some of the stress out of marketing.Plus the portfolio- and testimonial-building opportunities are excellent.And so while the rates are sometimes an issue (though not always by any means), publishers are a brilliant client group to target.It's therefore important to bear in mind where they see the value when hiring editorial freelancers.

Is training useless? I’ve just landed on a blog where the author calls proofreading courses a "scam" and "unnecessary", and the qualifications "useless".The rant continues, the author arguing that they’ve never been asked to produce evidence of any qualification or completion of a course by an "official" body.And luckily for anyone looking to enter this extraordinarily crowded and competitive field, said author offers a far cheaper alternative to all those "rip-off" courses: their very own proofreading course in the form of an ebook.Back in 2005, I spent seven months doing just the type of course this author was decrying.I opted for the Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning course run by the Publishing Training Centre (PTC), an externally assessed course run by an industry-recognized body.

I also joined the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and did the necessaries to qualify for full membership.So did I waste my money? Was I ripped off? Did the training I took on help me get to where I am now or was I kidding myself? Should I have instead invested in an ebook course that would have given me change from a twenty-pound note? I discussed this issue with some of my clients, all of whom are established and respected publishing houses or project management services in the UK.What came out of the conversation led me to conclude that the training I undertook was definitely worthwhile, and membership of the SfEP has provided me with wonderful information-sharing opportunities as well as the right to advertise in their Directory.Nevertheless, there was much food for thought in the responses I received.Thumbs up for training courses … SfEP and PTC courses to be "useful and relevant" and Managing Director Jo Bottrill stated that he "certainly consider s freelancers who have completed such training much more seriously".

Constable & Robinson’s website states, "Please note our minimum requirements include training from recognized establishments such as SfEP or the Publishing Training Centre." Aim e Feenan from Ashgate concurs, saying that most Ashgate staff have undertaken some sort of training at the PTC, and knowing that freelance staff are able to work to the same editorial standards means they are more likely to be hired.They also recognize the SfEP as a trusted source.And at SAGE Publishing, training is considered important, with the SfEP and PTC again being the two most trusted external suppliers.Elizabeth Clack at Edward Elgar felt "that the Publishing Training Centre and SfEP courses are good quality and are well-regarded, so it would be a plus point if someone had taken courses with them, although that's not to say that we would only consider freelances who had taken courses with these bodies".

She added, "it indicates to us that the freelance has reached a certain level of proficiency and has some understanding of editing/proofreading procedures and 'best practice'.Training is especially relevant if the freelance does not yet have much work experience." Also of note here the fact that she felt that proofreading courses took away some of the risk of the unknown when taking on a new or inexperienced freelancer.But training in itself is not enough … Training in itself is not always enough, and some publishers feel they have had their fingers burned by relying too much on freelancers’ training credits.Increasingly publishers are using their own tests in order to evaluate competence.

Jo Bottrill was cautious of advanced membership and accreditation status within the SfEP, feeling that these did not always ensure that a freelancer met his exacting standards.Instead, he's "put ting more emphasis on the assessment of our own tests and analysis of live jobs.Our quality control and reporting procedures have developed over the last couple of years to ensure we have an appropriate safety net." For Edward Elgar, "another factor when considering whether to work with a freelance is whether they have experience in a particular subject area, because many of our books are quite specialized.For instance, freelances working on our law books may have law qualifications or a background in legal work.

" Ian Antcliff, one of SAGE Publications’ senior production editors, stated that training, though important, is seen as an add-on.For him, in-house experience makes for an attractive prospect, not because the editors/proofreaders are better, but rather because "it usually ensures that they are sympathetic to and understand the pressure that in-house staff are under (especially with regard to budgets and deadlines)".Ashgate acknowledge that not every freelancer on their books has received formal editorial training – they do have people who were just exceptionally good at learning on the job and being an expert in a particular subject area is also a real plus.Polity Press’s production manager, Neil de Cort, takes a stronger line.For him, a speculative letter with a list of training courses is of no relevance.

Like most publishers, Polity receive a large number of speculative letters every year from freelancers looking for work.Experience counts every time – Neil wants to see that a freelancer has experience of working in the social sciences, and references from other publishers are key.Completion of a training course alone simply won’t get you on their books.Confidence to take on the task The training I’ve completed to date did indeed get me looked at by several clients when I was starting out.Polity, though, gave me work because of my knowledge of their field of publishing and a good reference from Salt Publishing.

Constable & Robinson noticed me, despite the fact that I already met their minimum requirements, because of a recommendation from the Edward Elgar production team.However, proofreading books published by the likes of Cambridge University Press, Polity and SAGE, who, like all of my clients, have precise and exacting publishing standards, can be daunting to the newbie.And expanding into new publishing genres, in my case from the social sciences to trade, is a different type of challenge.Externally assessed training under the wing of a skilled industry-recognized body gave me the confidence to take on these challenges and feel assured that I was ready for the task in hand.On-the-job CPD and upgrading skills As for the future, I’ve been wrestling with the issue of whether to upgrade to advanced membership of the SfEP.

For me this will mean undertaking more training courses, since I qualify on all other fronts.I’ve no doubt that further courses will provide me with new knowledge and provide excellent networking opportunities.But will I get more work? It depends on what that training is – if it involves ensuring I can mark-up onscreen, use the preferred software packages, and deliver my projects in new formats, then yes.

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(Note from Louise in 2017: I did this, and have been an Advanced Professional Member for several years.) Ian Antcliff at SAGE emphasizes how essential it is for freelancers to have up-to-date skill sets "with regard to both onscreen editing and Word, and also with ancillary software generally – Adobe, etc.

– increasingly so as we move towards onscreen mark-up of proof PDFs" proofreading services Archives Proof Read My File.– increasingly so as we move towards onscreen mark-up of proof PDFs".

Talking to clients (or reading their blogs and tweets) about what their needs are, how the market is changing, and new ways of delivering our service may be just as informative as any course, and is probably the first thing we should do before deciding where to spend our hard-earned training cash.In a nutshell … more likely to get us noticed by publishers, but that it’s not the sole factor in determining whether they place us on their books 4 Feb 2004 - Proofreading. Set aside for an hour or a day, re-read when brain and eyes are fresh. Read one against the other, looking for lines/spacing that don't match. Read new version   author or client to study competing works and create a product that stands out; can involve rewriting and organiz- ing material..In a nutshell … more likely to get us noticed by publishers, but that it’s not the sole factor in determining whether they place us on their books.Experience counts for a lot, but so does flexibility over the formats in which we work 4 Feb 2004 - Proofreading. Set aside for an hour or a day, re-read when brain and eyes are fresh. Read one against the other, looking for lines/spacing that don't match. Read new version   author or client to study competing works and create a product that stands out; can involve rewriting and organiz- ing material..

Experience counts for a lot, but so does flexibility over the formats in which we work.

Continuing to update our skills in whatever way best suits the needs of our clients will give us the best chance of remaining their freelancers of choice.

99 ebook course? It simply wouldn’t have cut the mustard.( With thanks to Edward Elgar, SAGE Publications, Ashgate, Polity Press, and Out of House Publishing for their generous contributions.I'll answer I'm more than happy to tackle questions, especially from beginners.

If there's something you want advice about, drop me a line and I'll post a solution to your problem here.The more focused your question, the more in-depth my answer will be! And if you want me to mask your identity, no problem.The latest from the Macro Chat column by editor Paul Beverley .In this post, Paul shares the story of his programming and editing journey.Talking of which, his latest videos on wildcard find-and-replace techniques are gems:Some people are surprised to discover that I have a bank of over 500 macros for editors and proofreaders, and I’ve recently had several encouraging comments about my ‘amazing programming skills’, but in my defence I’d like to point out that it’s not really as clever as it looks.

It’s just that I’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.Genesis ​It goes right back to 1982 and to the BBC Microcomputer.This spawned a word processor called Wordwise Plus, which had a Basic-like programming language for manipulating text (and numbers).So, with my love of the English language and a little bit of very basic (Basic) programming skill, I was able to write some useful programs that people were willing to pay money for – £10 a program, if memory serves, sold on 5 ” floppy discs! In 1987 Acorn produced their first Archimedes computer (then the fastest desktop computer in the world) and I started publishing a subscription magazine.

Every month I would transfer the text of the magazine (produced on an Apple Mac Plus, with its 9” screen!) onto a floppy disc (now 3 ”) that I could sell to subscribers (for £2 a month) so that they could electronically search for things in the back issues.For that, I had to do a series of find and replaces (F&Rs) to convert the Mac text to Acorn format, such as changing the Mac’s snazzy and ligatures to ordinary fl and fi, and proper dashes to hyphens.For this, I kept a list – on a piece of paper! – of the required F&Rs until, eventually, I thought, Surely, this is the sort of thing a computer could do! So I asked my subscribers if anyone could write me a program.Paul Sprangers, in the Netherlands, wrote me one, so I started using scripted F&R (think of a text-only version of FRedit).Around 2005, after about 18 years of editing, typesetting and proofreading monthly magazines, I was becoming quite adept at using scripted F&R.

However, I could foresee the end of my magazine, and began freelance proofreading and then editing.But that meant using Microsoft Word for the very first time in my life – Microsoft was the devil incarnate to a pure Acorn user.So, for the first time in 18 years, I didn’t have the aid of scripted F&R!Then I discovered that Word had a programming language – Visual Basic.I got on to my Acorn contacts again and found someone who could write me a (text-only) scripted F&R program (a macro), then called PreEdit.By this stage I’d joined the UK’s Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP).I used their email discussion list to ask them newbie questions such as ‘How do I apply a style to a paragraph?’, while at the same time trying to point out to them that they could do their editing jobs much more quickly and easily if they used scripted global F&Rs.To put my blunder into context, I’ve recently discovered that, at that stage, Ann Waddingham was pioneering the SfEP’s on-screen editing courses when, in her words in the current issue of SfEP’s Editing Matters, ‘people’s attitudes to on-screen editing were mostly negative.persuading publishers and editors to take the plunge – both parties were deeply suspicious’.

automatic methods of on-screen editing.Oops!So it’s hardly surprising that I upset a lot of people with my evangelical zeal.Sorry, folks!But in my defence, please remember that, at that stage, I had already been using scripted F&R for almost 20 years! I simply couldn’t understand why people weren't able to see its huge power.Exodus It was 2009, and I was enjoying a quiet Sunday lunchtime picnic with Sue, my wife.We were by a river in the Norfolk Broads and it was idyllic: the sun was shining and a beautiful swallowtail butterfly landed not six feet from where we were sitting.

I was trying to concentrate on the book I was reading but my mind kept straying to work issues.In particular, I was thinking about PreEdit, and how the list of F&Rs was held as a text file rather than as a Word file, which made it very cumbersome to use.But what if I made the list a Word file? Why should I not use a Word file? No reason on earth.Oh, hang on a minute! If the list was a Word file, then some F&Rs could be bold or italic.And why not consider super/subscript, small caps, styles, highlighting, font colour? As I thought about it, the excitement mounted.Sunday or no Sunday, I had to go home there and then and do some macro programming.A land flowing with milk and macros With the core tool – FRedit – in place, in 2010 I set about adding tools to speed up my editing in a whole variety of ways: analysing the text for inconsistencies, checking references and citations and speeding up my text editing sentence by sentence.Unfortunately, relatively few of my colleagues shared my enthusiasm for macros, so I just beavered away, increasing my own efficiency and effectiveness, and sharing my macros, via my website, with anyone who was interested.

However, in 2015–16, Stephen Cashmore pioneered the SfEP’s new online course, ‘Editing with Word’.The syllabus included a section on using FRedit.The course was a huge success, with many more people taking it than the organisers had dared to hope.It was encouraging to me because it brought me into contact with more and more people wanting to use my macros.

In the past year, I’ve started venturing into the (for me, as a technophobe) brave new world of Facebook, joining some of the editorial groups.

And there I’ve found a ready acceptance of my ‘new’ ideas.People have been surprised by the range of macros available and have made many encouraging comments.The right place at the right time This brings me back to the original purpose of this post – to demythologize my macros.

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Remember that I’ve been using scripted global F&R for nearly 30 years and writing VBA macros for almost 10 years.Add to that the fact that in 2008 my business was failing: the magazine was fading away, I had large debts and I feared losing my house.

I was therefore highly motivated to develop the means of generating cash, fast!And a more positive factor: I’m absolutely fascinated by the English language (David Crystal is my absolute hero!) and I really love working out how to express things more effectively ​Every day until 25 December, I'm giving you a little gift – a postcard about one of my favourite FREE business tools. Each card   She curates The Proofreader's Parlour and is the author of several books on business planning and marketing for editors and proofreaders.   Case study: the visitor journey on my 404 page.I was therefore highly motivated to develop the means of generating cash, fast!And a more positive factor: I’m absolutely fascinated by the English language (David Crystal is my absolute hero!) and I really love working out how to express things more effectively.

​So macros are a tool for clearing away all the boring, nitty-gritty bits of an editor’s job, allowing me to focus on the meaning and flow of every sentence.This is the most enjoyable job of my whole career How to write an case study functional analysis no plagiarism Undergrad. (yrs 1-2) single spaced Business Premium.This is the most enjoyable job of my whole career.So, if my macros are of help to others then that’s great, and I’m grateful to God that I was in the right place (almost bankrupt!) at the right time.Download Paul's free book:Proof Read My File Proofreading is one of the most critical steps for effective writing.

A text or write-up is considered to be accurate when it is free from various errors including grammar and spelling mistakes.To make sure that the content of the text is error-free and accurate, it is important to review it carefully with a view to correct mistakes if any.However, proofreading is the most tedious and challenging task, but it is essential for improving the quality of the text.One needs to have various types of skills and qualities so as to proofread effectively and efficiently.Apart from having the knowledge of subject matter, proofreader also requires some specific skills.

Below mentioned are some major skills and characteristics to look for in proofreader: Good computer skills: It is important for a proofreader to have effective computer skills.In the era of technological advancement, most of proofreading is done on-screen, hence it is essential for proofreader to have better understanding of varied computer applications and tools related to proofreading and editing such as Track Changes in MS Word, insert comments, etc.Moreover, there are different types of online proofreading tools such as SlickWrite, Grammarly, Ginger, Proof Read My File and so on, are available that helps you to review your text for mistakes and error, and corrects them.For using these tools, it is important have detailed knowledge of computer programs as well as The internet.Have patience: Proofreading is considered as a tedious task, as it requires a detailed analysis of the text in order to identify grammar and spelling mistakes, word choice errors, sentence structure, punctuations errors and correct them.

For in-depth analysis of the content, one needs to have patience.So before hiring a proofreader to review your document, you must ensure that he/she has the patience to review lengthy text with a critical eye.As well, proofreader should be able to comprehend what a writer wants to say, despite ambiguous writing.Only then, he/she can identify the mistakes in writing.Many professional suggests double reading, reading aloud and backward reading of the text to find minor mistakes.

Therefore, proofreader should have enough patience level and skills to do a detailed review to manuscript assigned to him/her.Love Reading: Proofreader should be a good reader.He/she should enjoy reading different forms of writing such as books, journals, essays, newspapers, magazines, web content, articles and blogs, and even business letters.Reading skills is one of essential qualities that a proofreader should have.This characteristic will aid in finding the errors in grammar, spelling and sentence structure, etc.

easily and competently without any hassle.Good English and grammatical knowledge: For finding the grammatical and spelling mistakes, wrong use of verbs and tenses, word choice, typos, etc.in the text, it is imperative for proofreader to have good command over English language.In addition to this, proofreader should also be aware of various grammar concepts and rules so that he/she can correct the grammatical errors and typos effectively.He/she must be competent in rectifying mistakes including wrong word usage, word order, punctuation and other grammar related errors.

Better understanding of English and grammar is essential for proofreader in order to make the write-up clear, well-structured, as well as grammatically correct.Aware of varied stylebooks: There are different types of style guides such as AP style guide, AMA Manual of Style, Chicago Manual Style, APA and MLA Style guide and so on.Proofreader should be familiar with most popular style guides in order to review every detail of content carefully including style of writing and Style Guide Compliance.Understanding of various Style Guides also aids in identifying the citations or Referencing errors so as to make the content correct and accurate in all aspects.Have formal training: An individual need to have some kind of formal training which can include high school courses in Literature and English, which will give a foundation in basic proofreading and language.

In addition to this, certain diploma courses such as Marketing, Human resources, finance or any other subjects are also essential.It is crucial for a proofreader to possess knowledge of varied subjects in order to analyze effectively the content.Good observational skills and Consistent: Even a small mistake such as the wrong use of exclamation marks, can make a big difference.Wrong use of commas, full stops, and semi-colon can change the meaning the sentence completely.If a word is omitted, or double space is left between sentences, a proofreader should be able to catch it.

An individual needs to be detailed-oriented as well so that he/she can scan the minor mistakes in the text.Therefore, it is important for a proofreader to be well observant and good with details in order to review effectively the write-up as well as to make it precise.Furthermore, he/she must be prompt with regards to complete the proofreading within specified deadline.Effective communication skills: Good communication skills are essential for the proofreader.

If there is doubt about any sentence or content, a proofreader should be able to communicate freely the query and clear it with the client.

Any miscommunication on the part of proofreader can affect the writing to a great extent.Enough time to check: Proofreading is a challenging task, it requires adequate time to print the text, analyze the content, markup the errors, and correct them.Proofreader should have adequate time to perform all these tasks.Reviewing the text only online is not enough to make the text accurate and error-free.Multiple times of reading and checking is of paramount importance for effective writing.

Feel free to use a dictionary or any other kind of help: The good proofreader is one who is afraid of using a dictionary, grammar reference book or Style guide to review the content.

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Furthermore, he/she should not feel humiliation in consulting or taking help of others.These are some of the main characteristics that one should look in proofreader before assigning them the work.However, this is not the comprehensive list, but it mentions some of the basic skills that proofreader should possess Help me with my college case study functional analysis plagiarism-free Academic 10 pages / 2750 words Chicago/Turabian Writing from scratch.However, this is not the comprehensive list, but it mentions some of the basic skills that proofreader should possess.

It is very important for a writer to make his/her article error less and make it attractive as well as clear for readers.

Sometimes, writer may have deep knowledge regarding the subject matter which he can share with readers with good creative skills, but unable to deliver it properly in an article.For an article, it is very necessary to be error free for both writer’s as well as reader’s part i.there should be no compromise regarding the quality of content.Proofreading helps to supplement an article with perfection and can be called as ‘final touch’ to furnish article in clear and organized manner.

In this way, one can rectify article from errors such as grammatical mistakes, spelling, font and style and the like.Nowadays, many proofreading tools are available that are both time and cost efficient.These tools help in enhancing the quality of content and making it well-organized.Below mentioned are some online proofreading tools that aid in rectifying the errors in content and ensuring the quality of document; Brief discussion – Online proofreading tools Slick write: This proofreading tool is completely web-based tool so one need not to install anything.Slick write not only rectify all the errors in article like spelling and grammar errors, possible stylistic mistakes but it also analyses the content which list phrases, uncommon words, filler words, passive words, adverbs, prepositions etc and provide relevant suggestions so that writer’s skills can be improved.

If time is not an issue in making article error less, then one must try Slick Write.However, this tool cannot guarantee 100 percent accurate results and also cannot replace manual proofreading.Ginger: This is most easy-to-use proofing tool to improve the article and productivity.It can be used seamlessly by user in writing document, presentation and email etc.This tool has many advanced features along with basic features i.

in addition to highlighting grammatical and spelling errors, it also points out mistakes like a, an, the, have.One can type or copy text into tool and have it checked in Ginger for any grammatical will also check for plausible rearticulating of sentences.An individual only have to enter text and click quill icon to check for suggestions.This tool has in-built translator, dictionary, phrase of day, synonyms and the like.

PolishMyWriting: This tool helps in identifying errors in the article very easily.Writer only has to copy the article and paste it in PolishMyWriting website.All the errors present in article will be displayed in three varied colors.Grammatical mistakes will be in green while spelling errors will be highlighted in red color.This tool also provides different suggestions in blue color which writer can use to polish his content.

As well, this tool provides suggestions regarding the use of active and passive voice.Paper rater: This tool provides an option to check content of article and proof read it.It not only give suggestions for word style, spelling, grammatical mistakes etc, but also check the title of article and rate overall content like word choice, vocabulary used in article, style etc.Like Slick Write, this tool is good way to analysis the content.This is the free resource that uses Artificial Intelligence to assist students to improve their writing.

In addition to proof reading, it also offers free plagiarism detection.By using this tool, one can find out if his/her paper contains any plagiarized text.Along with this, Paper Rater offers Vocabulary Builder tool that is designed to aid writers as well as students to learn proper usage of words.Grammerly Proofreader: This tool is the most convenient online proof reader that offers both paid and free service to perfect the writing.This tool helps in checking grammar, spelling, style and word choice mistakes as well as plagiarism.

It rectifies more than 250 types of mistakes and aids writers to improve word choice.Many writers recommend Grammarly Proofreader as one hand solution to improve writing.Professional, academic and creative writing require unique styles of editing; this tool easily adapts to writer’s need and ensures perfect grammar.It also detects for plagiarism in the process and ultimately gives users with list of all plausible mistakes for correction.

Moreover, it also provides citations when plagiarism is detected.

All the aforementioned proofreading tools are of paramount importance for writer as every writer is inclined towards making his article more creatively styled and error less.Proofreading tools prove to be of great help for bloggers, content writers and freelancer writers etc to polish their work and make it error free.With the help of these tools, one can easily write error free article, reports, emails and other professional documents.These online tools prove to be of great for writers in finding quick errors and checking the quality of content.Nevertheless, it can be rightly said that nothing is better than manual proofreading.

The quality of content that manual proofreading provides cannot be matched by any online proofing tools.All editing and proofreading involves human element and for this reason computer cannot replace manual proofreading.But these online tools can be of great assistance for finding quick errors and making the article error less automatically.These tools are beneficial for bloggers, content writers, students and professionals etc to make their writing accurate, clear and systematic.Performance in your academic career is the most important part to start a professional career, you dream about.

Not only it is important for your professional career, your academic career means much more than this.

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A good academic performance makes you a good person, helps you to develop your personality, and enables you to enjoy social, national and sometimes global reputation.However, there are conditions that you have to satisfy to have a nice academic career.You have to read well and religiously, you have to go to the depth of your subject, you have to know, how to answer the questions properly etc Proofreading Wikipedia.You have to read well and religiously, you have to go to the depth of your subject, you have to know, how to answer the questions properly etc.

In conventional examination system, usually you write answers to the questions, under the supervision of your teachers in the exam hall, and submit the answer sheet after a stipulated period of time.

The grade points that you receive depend upon the accuracy and quality of your answers.However, time has changed a lot and along with it, the education system as well as, the way of teaching the students and the way of testing their academic performance by the colleges and universities Professional Academic Help. Starting at $7.98 per page. Get DISCOUNT Now! Best Academic Papers Writing Service - Best in Texas, Case Study Assignment Help..However, time has changed a lot and along with it, the education system as well as, the way of teaching the students and the way of testing their academic performance by the colleges and universities.Today’s examination system largely depends on the assignments, especially at the college and university levels.Assignments are so important that your performance in assignment and the ability to satisfy the examiners with the same, cast a significant effect on your overall academic performance.The grade points which play an important role in your academic career depends largely on the quality of the assignments.

Writing assignments is not any easy task for the students and is way different from writing answers to the questions in the examination hall.Here you will be given a period of time, which is more than few days, and you will be asked to write the assignment on a given topic conforming to the conditions related to format, word limits and citation principles.In most of the cases, these are based on some real life scenario, or case studies, or in some cases you have to ask to give critical opinion on some established theories.Sometimes you have to apply mathematical/statistical models to establish your answers or arguments.There are lot more things that you have to do depending upon the nature of assignments.

Most of the times you are expected to go for an extensive and exhaustive research work to write your assignment properly.Even after writing good quality content, it is not guaranteed that your assignment will give you a good grade.The reason is, the presentations of the assignments are also equally important to make the overall quality up to the mark.Importance of Proofreading services for academic work Writing a good quality assignment is definitely your task and you have to do it.But the other important factors which you have to look after, to submit a good quality assignment are: You have to write it in an error free language The assignment should reflect your command in language so that the readers can easily sail through the entire piece of writing You have to represent it in a proper format, as directed by the institution You have to follow the citation rules properly as, mentioned in the assignment You have to write the entire assignment within the word limits as instructed by the institution The assignment must be flawless, should have professional look, should be brief, concise and unambiguous so as to convey your arguments as well as your findings and conclusion properly to the examiners.

Owing to the difficulty of writing the content of the assignment, it has been found that, many students fail to conform to the other conditions as stated above and hence fail to achieve a good grade, even after writing a truly quality content.The exhaustive task of searching the required information and writing logically the main content leaves for the students with a very limited time to check the other factors.The only way to come out of such a situation is resorting to reputed and authentic proofreading service.Before choosing one, you have to make yourself sure about the quality of the services offered by the proofreading organisation.An efficient proof-reader, with knowledge in your subject, can improve the overall quality of your assignment and can reduce the pressure on by taking care of the other aspects of the assignment.

Thus by entrusting the task to check typographic errors, errors in formatting, citation etc.to the professional proofreaders, you can better concentrate on the content of the assignment and can improve its quality considerably.Below is the list of the support that you can receive from your proof-reader: Proofreaders will check your assignment for typographic errors, grammatical errors, errors in punctuations and errors in spellings which have very important bearing on the quality of your assignment.They will suggest rectifications to any such errors to make your assignment a flawless one.The consistency in use of tenses and the use of subject-verb combinations will also be checked by them.

if there is any inconsistency in use of tenses or any errors in the use of proper subject-verb combinations, it would be rectified by them.The logical construction of sentences will also be checked and rectified by your proofreader to make your assignment more meaningful and logically correct.They will correct citation errors, if there is any.They will ensure that your assignment conforms to the conditions of formatting and word limits as set by the institution.Thus appointing a proof-reader will help you to increase the professional presentation of the assignment, as well as, will make the assignment flawless, simple, brief and concise thereby increasing the clarity of your assignment and the quality of the same by a considerable extent.

The grammar of any language, irrespective of its national or regional identity, forms the foundation of the language.The grammar forms the logical and meaningful base of the language.The more you are perfect in using right grammar at the right place in your writing, the more will be the clarity and objectivity of your message.The way of conveying your message with unambiguous and grammatically perfect writing is the essence of written communication.

Importance of grammar checking in content writing Naturally, in the academic career, grammar plays a key role in deciding the quality of answers of the students as well as their grade points.

However, we will be discussing about the essence of grammar in case of college or university students, who are required to write various assignments and homework topics, given by their institutes.The performance in the college or university level, cast a direct impact on the forthcoming professional career of the students.Grammar check is not only important for these students but also for the students who write research papers to get PhD or other higher degrees.Grammar is the logical thread of the writing and if a student fails to use perfect grammar, the entire writing could be turned out to be ambiguous before the examiners.

There are various aspects which you have to check to make, your assignments, homework or the research papers, free from any grammatical errors before submitting those to the examiners.For checking these grammatical aspects of your writing you should have strong grammatical concept.However, it has been found, that the grammatical concepts of the students are either not very strong or they commit some mechanical mistakes in grammar, and these mistakes usually take a toll on their academic performance, by affecting the quality of their assignments, homework or research papers.Here comes the importance of the services of the professional proofreaders.The language experts of these organizations can simply make your written piece of work completely error free before submitting the same to the examiners.

The proofreaders will help to: Rectify the inconsistency in using tenses, if there is any, in your writing.Very often it is found that students use tenses arbitrarily which make their presentations unprofessional and logically incorrect.Proofreaders, with their year long experience and expertise, will help you to make your writing completely free from inconsistent use of tenses.Moreover, usually various parts of the assignments or research papers should use different tenses consistently.This means, it may happen that you are using present tense consistently while discussing your main body whereas, use of past tense is appropriate for the conclusion.

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However the use of tenses in such a way depends upon the nature of the content.Proofreaders will help you to ensure that you put perfect tenses consistently in different parts of the assignments or research papers so as to make those more meaningful.The use of subject-verb is another place where students commit some common mistakes 4 May 2017 - Just another WordPress site.   This final a part of the writing process is termed essay editing, proofreading, or revising. Why do you want essay revision?   Ernest Hemingway rewrote the past web page of A Farewell to Biceps and triceps 39 times as he was looking to get the text ideal. Do you know what  .The use of subject-verb is another place where students commit some common mistakes.

Proofreaders will help you to get rid of those mistakes.In writing, it is always suggested to use the active voice to give the presentation more professional look 1 Dec 2011 - While these days I work primarily for indie fiction authors who find me via organic search, I think publisher work is still incredibly valuable. Training guidance for proofreaders. How far will training get you in the editorial freelancing market? Publishers and editorial freelancers understand each other. We have  .

In writing, it is always suggested to use the active voice to give the presentation more professional look.

But very often students are found to use the passive voice instead of the active voice, even when it is possible.The proofreaders will help you to identify those sentences which could be written using active voice rather than a passive one.Sometimes, some sentences when combined in an effective manner gives your writing a form of fluency and makes the entire representation brief and concise.Proofreaders will help you to achieve this fluency by identifying the sentences which you can combine to make your presentation smooth and more precise.In fact it has been found that the best performers, in their respective fields, are all excellent in using grammar properly while communicating their written message to the intended audience.

While doing your academic work, it is true that you may not have enough expertise to make your written communication grammatically accurate.But at the same time, you do have the services of the professional proofreaders to make your work free from any grammatical errors.While taking their service to make your assignments or research papers flawless, you can also learn from them how to use grammar to improve the quality of your writing and, that lesson will help you a lot to communicate your message in the most proficient manner in the forthcoming future.For any business, business communication is something like the flow of blood in our body.Business communication is nothing but the way of exchanging various business information in between different stakeholders of a company.

A proper business communication at the right time and with a proper tone can add tremendous value to all kinds of value creating activities of the company.The activities of the employees, management and different functional departments are synchronised towards achieving the overall mission of the company by proper business communication.Why is proofreading important in business Business communication could be of different types depending upon its purpose and the message it intends to deliver to the target audience.The character and the way of communicating the business messages also depend largely on the nature of the audience.Formal business communications are usually written in proper format to communicate the information, report or orders.Though informal communication are of significant importance in affecting the performance of the business, here we will discuss about the formal business communication which needs to be perfected in all its aspects like, proper format of the message, proper language as well as proper tuning depending upon the nature of the target audience.Formal communication could be of various types, each one with typical characteristic properties.It could be memo, for being circulated within the department, it could be a business proposal to investors or the shareholders or to another company, it could be a formal report of the financial performance of the company, it could be some orders issued, in general, by the top management of the company or it could be an advertisement material to promote the products or services of the company.Whatever may be the character of the company; the written communication should be professional, brief, and concise and should be capable of clearly communicating the message to the intended audience.

In case of an internal memo or an order to be circulated to the employees of an organisation, the written communication should be enough clear to initiate intended actions perfectly on the part of the target audience.If it is a business proposal, the proposal should be such as to clearly reflect the intentions and the conditions; the company wants to communicate to the other party.One most important thing for business communication is that, the written communication serves as an identity of the company so that by going through the communicated message as well as format, style and language of the message the company could easily be identified by the others.In case of business communication to outsiders, like business proposal, offer or advertising materials, it is very important that the piece of communication must be perfect in all respects as stated above; as otherwise, it could taint the reputation of the company.The same condition applies in case of important internal memos or circulars to the employees of the organisation.

Thus to be sure that business communication achieve its purpose, it is always essential to proof-read each and every possible business communications.Various proof reading services are available in the market, which have expertise in proofreading different types of business communications of various companies belonging to different industries.Professional proofreaders with the year long experience in dealing with business communications can bring significant changes in the communication qualities, which are discussed below: They will take care of making the written piece of communication flawless.They will check and rectify any error related to grammar, spelling, punctuations, as well as in the construction of sentences.

By eliminating these errors, if there is any, they will ensure that the communication is free from any linguistic errors.

They will look after the format of the message that has been written.The format and style of writing should represent the company identity and the proof readers will ensure the perfect format for the written piece of communication.They will eliminate any unnecessary words or sentences so as to make the communication more clear, simple, brief and precise.This also increases the professional appearance of the communication.They will make sure that the communicated message is clear enough to initiate intended actions perfectly on the part of the target audience.

In case of advertisement materials, the proofreaders will help the company to rectify any mistakes in the logo, trademark or in the catchwords of the company.Whether the content of the advertisement is clear enough to convey the concept of the company to the market or not would also be suggested by the proofreaders.Thus proofreading service, in today’s global business scenario, has become so important that it is always required by the business houses to employ them to proof-read their business communications so as to make the business communications perfect and most productive for the company.Example: I would like to take pink, green, yellow, and brown chocolates.• Incorrect: They will buy, bananas, apples, oranges and grapes, for me.

Correct: They will buy bananas, apples, oranges and grapes for me.Use commas before conjunction that link independent clauses An independent clause is a part of a sentence that has its own subject and verb.Incorrect: I went walking and I saw a swan.Correct: I went walking, and I saw a swan.

In the above example, “I went walking” and “I saw a swan” are both independent clauses, and “and” is a coordinating conjunction that connects them.Use a comma after a dependent clause that starts a sentence Example: When I went walking, I saw a swan.Dependent clause contains both subject and verb but cannot stand on its own like “When I went walking…” 4.

Use a comma after introductory words like yes, no, well, why, etc.Use a comma at the salutation and close of a letter Example: Dear Elena,Faithfully, Commas or punctuations are the part of grammar whose proper use can make your writing more attractive and impressive.

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Various online grammar checker tools are available in market through which you can check your writing so that your draft and document can sound error free or impressive.

Such error free documents add a value to your organization.A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, clauses or phrases or we can say conjunctions are gluing words Style and Voice in Academic Writing My Anglia Homepage.A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, clauses or phrases or we can say conjunctions are gluing words.

When people think about conjunction, a very common three words spring in their mind and these words are and, but, and or.Most of the students make mistakes in writing conjunctions.Example: I like coffee, but I don’t want to take it.

• Coordinate conjunction Coordinate conjunctions are normally used to join like with like.In other words it can be said that it joins an adjective with another adjective, noun with another noun, an adverb with another adverb, etc.Coordinating conjunctions are: Examples of coordinate conjunctions are: You can cut your cake with a knife or fork.I will be late to the party, for I am working until eight.

• Correlative conjunctions Correlative conjunctions are used in pairs to join alternatives or equal elements.The most common pairs are neither/nor, not only/but also, and either/or.Examples of correlative conjunctions: She is not only smart but also intelligent.• You have completed your essays, assignments, reports or documents.Now what is your next step? Most of the students are still not confident enough to submit their written essays and assignments to their teachers or university, because they have a little doubt about their grammar, punctuations, spellings, sentence formations and use of vocabularies.

Proofreading must be your next step after writing because it will enhance your writing.Proofread document before submission is must for each one These above points are the main reasons for marking student’s document down because teachers don’t get any relevant and impressive data from your document.Some important points are here which can be a neglected part of the assignment writing process: Allocate proper amount of time to your assignment or document for proofreading.After writing, put your assignment aside for at least half a day.At this point, if you notice errors and gibberish content then it is a good indication that you need to improve your writing.

You can read aloud for catching your mistakes.It will be good if you use a second pair of eyes to proofread document or you can take others opinion by reading your document in front of them.Proof Read My File is a best place where you can submit your prepared essays, assignments, reports, papers and documents for proofreading and editing.We provide grammar check online and editing services for students, scholars and businessmen.

Here we have hired highly qualified editors and proofreaders who will always give their best in making your documents 100% grammatically error free, professional and impressive.

You will be assured about the correctness of your document.We value your precious time, therefore we always deliver high quality results before deadline.Our services are affordable, reliable and confidential.You can ask for any query any time, we will always serve you.Resources about proofreading services In schools or colleges, assignments make up the majority of grades for students and scholars.

They need to learn, practice and spend more hours in order to score more marks.They are always surrounded by lots of activities like exam preparation, home work, assignments and many more.Assignment has become the most important part of education life.In the course of writing, there are some statements that make sense to the writers but when it is closely scrutinize, they are found to be ambiguous.Such ambiguous statements need to be edited properly so reader can get indented message.

If you want to make your essays or documents flawless, Proof Read My File is a company for you.Students can send us their prepared essays or assignments with specific instructions and deadline for proofreading and editing.Proofreading is a very important stage in every piece of work.It is an indispensable task for everyone and for every document.Our key features are: Grammar is one of the most important concepts in communication.

It is a way through which you can share or express your ideas.Research scholars need to submit thesis to their university.The thesis statement is a guideline, a unifying element, for every research academic papers, an effective thesis should generally answer the “how”, “what”, and “so what.”They must have proper knowledge of grammar so that they can write their thesis in error free manner.

Here some important rules of grammar are listed through which you can learn a lot.Five Golden rules of grammar for thesis proofreading: Know the essential parts of the sentence A sentence is divided into two parts.The subject (what the sentence is about) and the predicate (says something about the subject) Example: Jackson is reading a novel.Avoid sentence fragments Sentence fragment means an incomplete sentence starting with a capital and ending with a period.Correct: They tried to find passport, which were lost.Avoid comma splices A comma splice occurs when two or more independent clauses are joined simply by a comma.Example: Wrong: They are going for a trip, which they had planned, we are not going.